1. Is there a difference between men sizes and women sizes?

Definitely no, there is no difference between men sizes and women sizes.

2. Why do I need to place my driving license or credit card on the display?

We use the card onlyl for its physical properties, specifically its width, which we use to calibrate the display

No identifying detail of your card is used or captured in any manner, hence you can use any card, as long as it is identical in size.

3. How do we create the ring scale and the virtual ruler?

After you tune your display using a card, we calculate the exact pixel size of your display, and create an image that fits specifically to your display.

On the lower right part of the ring scale page, and the virtual ruler page, you'll notice a signature that contains the technical data used to create the image.

The ring scale and the virtual ruler cannot be copied to other displays, since they won't show the accurate sizes.

4. How accurate is this method?

The method is highly accurate, much more than using a regular ruler.

Technically speaking, we calibrate the exact size of a pixel in metric scale. the calibration process resolution is 45 microns. Therefore, even if you miss by 10 pixels, when marking the card, you'll still get the correct size.

5. Is it possible to resize a ring?

Most jewelers will happily adjust a ring two sizes in either direction.

This adjustment may leave a visible seam or an invisible weak point, but a professional jeweler can position flaws out of sight.

6. Do all jewelers use the same ring size scale?

Different countries have different ring size scales. For your convenience we created a ring size conversion table. Open our ring size conversion table...